We are experts in food policy and food systems. Our services include research, policy, strategy, advocacy and building partnerships. We work with governments, local authorities, charities, universities, NGOs, networks and the private sector.

Our work falls into four areas:

Research & Insight

We identify the ‘why’ for food systems issues by talking to people who work in the system and those impacted by it. We combine that with quantitative data and mapping to uncover insights and opportunities for change.

Policy & Advocacy

We bring people together around food systems issues, uncover the lock-ins, build a common understanding and coalesce around wider goals. We know that hearts and minds are often the key to food systems transformation.

Policy Change

We have worked with government, local authorities and charities to transform food policy. From free school meal programmes to leading the UK’s School Food Plan, we have experience of changing policy for the better.

Service Design

We have experience of building practical solutions to food systems issues. We have built training programmes to support those working in the system to create a whole school approach and create a great school food culture.

Our clients include:

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