Bremner & Co work to make the food system fairer. We focus on improving food policy and practice so that everyone has the right to good, nutritious, healthy food. Much of our work centres on child health and nutrition across the life course. We are currently working on projects for breastfeeding, early years nutrition, the school food system and enhancing university food.

Our story

Bremner & Co was founded in 2015. We started our journey running the office of the School Food Plan for the Department for Education. It’s here that we began to help roll out policies and plans to improve England’s school food culture.  Since then, we have worked with international and local governments, not for profit and charitable organisations, academics and schools with the aim of making our food system fairer and better. 

We’ve helped with Jamie Oliver’s international food education programmes and coordinated the work of the School Food Review Group. We’ve piloted new food policy programmes and helped to roll out national training, advice and guidance. We’ve also published academic research and contributed to several state of the nation reports.

We work across the wider food system, but have a specific interest in how policy and practice affects a child’s developmental food pathway, from babies and infants, the early years, school food, and higher education.

Our approach

Bremner & Co have a set of values and principles that guide everything that we do. Our purpose is to make the food system fairer for everyone.

People & Process

We understand that winning hearts and minds is critical to any well laid plan. We believe the best work is done in collaboration, bringing people and process together to make change.


Whether behind the scenes or leading the change, we are honest, transparent, approachable and trusted. We listen to what is being said and, importantly, how it is being said. We go to great lengths to ensure what we say is grounded in evidence. 


At Bremner & Co, we think that pragmatic, successful solutions can always be found, even if gaining consensus can be hard.  Our optimism drives us to find solutions to complex problems. We bring people with us on the journey. 


We like to be nerdy and relish getting stuck into research data and evidence. We are great at poking at things and ‘lifting the lid’ to understand them better.  We take reams of data and draw out meaningful insights.  


We do what we do to change the food system for the better. We help you set your vision for transformation, manage the trade-offs, create a plan of action, collaborate effectively and evaluate well.

Our people

Myles Bremner

CEO & Founder

Myles has spent over 20 years working to transform the way we think about the food system. He is former Director of the English government’s School Food Plan and was an advisor to the Jamie Oliver team. He was CEO of Garden Organic, a leading horticultural charity. He has been a member of the London Food Board and has held Trustee positions at Sustain, and at the Royal Academy of Culinary Art’s Adopt a School Programme. Myles has chaired several government food related taskforces including the London Mayor’s Olympic legacy community garden project.  

Myles loves bringing people and organisations together to work through challenges and offer up practical solutions.  If only he could apply the same approach to his woeful attempts at vintage motorbike restoration.  

Dayna Brackley


Dayna is a a Partner at Bremner & Co. Dayna brings a wealth of experience from local government, having led the strategic communications planning for the Mayor of London for 8 years. She worked across policy areas from food, environment, climate change, social cohesion and regeneration. Dayna was communications, marketing and digital lead for the Mayor’s host city Olympics programme and GLA elections. Before joining Bremner & Co, Dayna worked as a Strategy Consultant for not for profits in the food sector. 

Dayna’s interest areas are child health and nutrition across the lifecourse. She works on projects on breastfeeding, early years, school food and food in further education. She is an Alumni of the Centre for Food Policy, having recently completed her MSc in Food Policy. Dayna regularly writes for the Independent on food policy. In her spare time she likes baking sourdough and attempting to grow vegetables. 

Abigail Page

Senior Food Policy Consultant & Lead Researcher

Abigail is a Senior Food Policy Consultant and Lead Researcher. She has over twenty years of experience as a researcher and policy professional. She has extensive experience of working with stakeholders to develop and coalesce around robust evidence to support policy and practice innovation and improvement.

Abigail has authored reports for many governmental and non-governmental organisations including Defra, the World Bank, the Royal Horticultural Society, and the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation.  Over the last decade she has specialised in food in educational settings and the role of children’s food in supporting social justice.  Abigail enjoys playing jazz piano and roaming the Devon countryside with her family.

Rob Kidd

Associate Consultant

Rob is an Associate Consultant at Bremner & Co, as well as being an educator, non-executive director and advisor working in food and hospitality. He has 15+ years’ experience managing projects and programmes including strategy development, research and analysis, Lean process reviews, organisational restructures, technology projects, sustainability reviews, and procurement. 

Rob’s recent clients include Pret a Manger, The Bread Factory, GAIL’s and Chopstix, across which he has delivered a range of projects to support business growth and development. His research interests and focus areas are sustainability in retail and foodservice, ethical supply chains, the use of technology to improve businesses and systems thinking to effect lasting change. In his spare time, Rob makes ice cream, jam and chutney. 

Harri Maule-ffinch

associate Consultant

Harri is an Associate Consultant at Bremner & Co, a Chef, and a cooking skills educator for not-for-profits. With over 10 years of digital consulting experience at Deloitte Digital, she specialises in human-centered research and design thinking. Harri has extensive experience collaborating with stakeholders and co-designing practical solutions to system issues.

She represented Working Families in Deloitte’s Diversity & Inclusion Think Tank for nearly 3 years, contributing to policy changes like miscarriage leave. Harri works across our portfolio and is currently leading a school food project with Trafford Council. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking with her two young boys and has recently started playing for her local women’s cricket team.

Anna Kotenko

associate Consultant

Anna is as Associate Consultant. Anna has over a decade’s experience working in advocacy, strategy, and policy, having previously led the Children’s Investment Fund’s Foundation’s nutrition advocacy portfolio in Bangladesh, which included managing large scale behaviour change programmes and influencing government policy.

She has an MSc in Development Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies and consults on policy and communications for international development organizations, multilaterals, and non-profits.  Anna is also a writer with a passion for travel. She is writing a magical realism fiction series, based in Nepal.

Cressida Pidgeon

Research & project officer

Cressida is a Research and Project Officer. She is passionate about contributing to equitable and sustainable food systems and dedicated to making a positive impact through her work. Cressida worked as a Lead Adviser at Natural England, where she spearheaded the development of an assisted digital service and helpline for users of Biodiversity Net Gain. She has a particular interest in food poverty, inspired by her internship with Cambridge Sustainable Food.

Cressida is an alumni of the Centre for Food Policy and brings relevant knowledge and understanding of food systems thinking. Cressida’s commitment to food policy extends beyond her professional career. She has enjoyed volunteering at TastEd, FareShare and FoodCycle, providing her grassroots experience of the invaluable role food plays in creating an inclusive and vibrant community. Cressida enjoys going to salsa classes and music festivals.

Cecily Darling

Research and projects officer

Cecily is a Research and Projects Officer. Cecily has considerable experience in the hospitality sector, having worked as a Project Manager and Cook, most notably at the River Cafe. There she worked to create the River Cafe’s ecommerce platform – which delivered freshly cooked meals and produce nationwide. Cecily brings a wealth of volunteering experience to the team, having cooked for the Refugee Community Kitchen and also volunteering as an assistant grower and educator in a horticultural kitchen garden.

Cecily is passionate about facilitating better access to healthy, appropriate food for all and will be working across the Bremner & Co Portfolio. Cecily recently completed her MSc in Food Policy, with a specific interest in justice in the food supply chain. Her dissertation focused on barriers and enablers to accessing alternative food systems, and the role these play in nutritional and social outcomes for urban populations.

Trish Henderson

project Team Co-ordinator

Trish is the Project Team Co-ordinator. Trish is responsible for project management, administration and company governance.  

Before joining Bremner & Co, Trish worked at Garden Organic, a leading UK educational horticultural charity for twenty-four years. She worked across various roles – Membership Supervisor, managing a database of 30,000 members, EA to the Executive team, working with the Board of Trustees, who set the strategy and direction for the charity, its governance and financial wellbeing and as Company Secretary.  

Trish has an interest in the importance of nutritious food, particularly school food, and is delighted to work collaboratively with the CEO, and consultants at Bremner & Co. Trish spends most of her spare time gardening and providing childcare for her grandson. 

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