Research and insight

Early years nutrition review for Impact on Urban Health

The brief

Bremner & Co ran a large research study on the early years nutrition landscape for Impact on Urban Health. This examined the barriers to good nutrition for children aged 0-5. The report exposed the similarities and differences between stakeholders operating in the space – in policy and practice. The research uncovered the values and principles that guide the sector. It Identified the issues that exist in early years nutrition policy and the significant gaps and opportunities for influence.  

The results

Bremner & Co ran a three-phase approach – Phase I – research, stakeholder engagement and mapping included the development of an early years nutrition framework, qualitative interviews and extensive desk research and literature reviews over a 10-month period. Phase II – validation and collaboration brought stakeholders together in a roundtable format to review the two critical success factors for changing the Early Years nutrition landscape – better advocacy and better data. Phase III – included the development of mapping tools – the Southwark Early Years Nutrition Landscape map, and a pathway map which helped to coalesce the sector around the barriers and opportunities.  

Myles and his team did a great job making sense of a complex and challenging brief.  They were able to draw on their existing networks and connections, engaging a range of stakeholders across all sectors (voluntary, public, private and academic).
Special shout out to Dayna and Abi – the perfect team, knowledgeable and passionate – their in-depth research and thoughtful recommendations have informed the next stages of our work  on Early Years Nutrition.
Carole Coulon, Portfolio Manager, Impact on Urban Health 
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