Advocacy and Multi-stakeholder Partnerships

Co-ordination of the School Food Review Group

The brief

Myles currently coordinates the work of the School Food Review Group and its 40 member organisations. Funded by Impact on Urban Health, the School Food Review Group is led by a coalition of four charities with expertise in school food systems: School Food Matters, Bite Back 2030, The Food Foundation and Chefs in Schools. It also brings together all the educational bodies, representing over 1 million school staff. 

The results

The group has built a solid reputation as being the place to convene, discuss and distill all things school food.  Bremner & Co developed the model of the ‘five pillars of the school food system’ that has been widely adopted by all member organisations. The group has collectively worked on high impact reports on the ‘Superpowers of Free School Meals’ and a cost-benefit analysis showing how free school meals benefit the economy, child health and attainment. The work of this group regularly raises school food on the public agenda and news agenda. 

Myles constantly weaves and fosters effective working relationships across our 40 member organisations, who represent a wide and diverse set of views and positions.  He is supportive, helpful and caring.”
Dr Nick Capstick, OBE, Chair of School Food Review Group 
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