Bremner & Co work to make the food system fairer. We focus on improving food policy and practice so that people have access to good, nutritious, healthy food.

We are experts in food policy and food systems. Our clients are governments, local authorities, charities, universities, NGOs, networks and the private sector.

The work that we do falls under four areas – food systems research, advocacy and partnership building, strategy, and policy.

Our people

Bremner & Co are an independent food policy and practice consultancy. We are experts in food policy and food systems and we are incredibly passionate about what we do. Between us we’ve been charity leaders, civil servants, chefs, academics and researchers, business innovators and successful campaigners. In our spare time we’re also horticulturalists, writers and bread makers! 

Image of Myles Bremner - CEO

Myles Bremner


Image of Dayna Brackley - Senior Food Consultant

Dayna Brackley


Image of Abigail Page - Lead researcher

Abigail Page

Lead Researcher

Image of Rob Kidd - Associate Consultant

Rob Kidd

Associate Consultant

Harri Maule-ffinch

Associate Consultant

Image of Anna Kotenko - Food Policy Consultant

Anna Kotenko

ASSOCIATE Consultant

Image of Cressida Pidgeon - Research and Project officer

Cressida Pidgeon

Research and Project Officer

Image of Cecily Darling - Research and Projects Officer

Cecily Darling

Research and Projects officer

Image of Trish Henderson - Project Team Co-ordinator

Trish Henderson

Project Team Co-ordinator

Our approach

Bremner & Co have a set of values and principles that guide everything that we do. Our purpose is to make the food system fairer for everyone.

People & Process

We understand that winning hearts and minds is critical to any well laid plan. We believe the best work is done in collaboration, bringing people and process together to make change.


Whether behind the scenes or leading the change, we are honest, transparent, approachable and trusted. We listen to what is being said and, importantly, how it is being said. We go to great lengths to ensure what we say is grounded in evidence. 


At Bremner & Co, we think that pragmatic, successful solutions can always be found, even if gaining consensus can be hard.  Our optimism drives us to find solutions to complex problems. We bring people with us on the journey. 


We like to be nerdy and relish getting stuck into research data and evidence. We are great at poking at things and ‘lifting the lid’ to understand them better.  We take reams of data and draw out meaningful insights.  


We do what we do to change the food system for the better. We help you set your vision for transformation, manage the trade-offs, create a plan of action, collaborate effectively and evaluate well.

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